Teens Life

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”
― Albert Einstein

The Grown Up Ones had already gone from this phrase so called as ” Teenage Life”. Teenagers Lead with Many such problems in their Life as In Emotionally High And Low. They  Go through multiple distractions in their life. At such point of time they expect Adults to be in their own world and shouldn’t interfere in their child’s life.

Their life is changing to a new Phrase And a new journey. They undergo stress, Emotionally low. Their Mood swings each new second as they have changes in their Hormones. They think that they are capable to handle their life journey on their own without any help and guidance of adults.  At one point of time they feel they are happy with their new Life-Zone.

Reviewed some Poll results which teenagers Goes through: As a teen, what issue about your mental health most concerns you?

Response – Count, Percent
Depression/loneliness – 324, 34.2%
Transition into middle school – 8, 0.8%
Transition into high school – 26, 2.7%
Transition into college – 27, 2.8%
Transition to adulthood – 43, 4.5%
Academic stress – 114, 12.0%
Violent relationships and/or bullying – 38, 4.0%
Home environment – 27, 2.8%
Character development – 63, 6.6%
Developing a strong, healthy work ethic – 26, 2.7%
Sexual risk taking – 79, 8.3%
Developing healthy relationships – 106, 11.2%
Managing emotions – 10, 1.1%
Eating or physical activity habits – 1, 0.1%
Self-acceptance – 5, 0.5%
Other – 51, 5.4%

Teenagers goes into multiple problems in their life, whereas their is an misunderstanding between adults that they are irritating with their new behavior changes or they have started been rude. Its just that their should be a mutual understanding between adults and teenagers in such phrase.

“No adolescent ever wants to be understood, which is why they complain about being misunderstood all the time.”  -Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot 


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