I Hope!

I Hope You are dying without me!

I Hope Whenever you think about me your chest tightens and makes it hard for you to breathe. 

And Yes That’s the reason you don’t respond to my text anymore. 


And I hope that is the reason you don’t meet me anymore!

Because that is the pain I went through, My chest Ached when I thought of you!

I Tired not to look at you and that’s the reason you changed the way you behaved around me!

Because if being this was easy for you, I think it’d Killed me!


4 thoughts on “I Hope!

  1. Hmm! It feels vry bad wen ur besties leave u.. But life is long, Have positive hopes and move on! Feel yourself, Establish yourself! U might hv invested alot of time to them, now its time to focus on U!!! Cheers On!

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