Journey Comes to an END!

Life Is All about Progressing ahead, Walking ahead and leaving your Past diaries behind!

Achieve Your goals, Establish more!

Here, Comes my journey to an end with One of my Longest Journey with my “Glimray Family”!  It has been a longest Journey of 2 Years!  It All started from 2016 March and its ending too in March (2018).  Its My last Day Here! Am leaving this organisation and Moving ahead with My Career with other Organisation. This wasn’t an easy Decision! I always loved Glimray and there working system, this organisation helped me with lots of new learning. This Glimray organization has a constant reputation of hiring really cool people, and giving the ultimate work environment, along with the required freedom. I always wanted to join the cool gang for years and finally got the chance here!

Yes, I gonna Miss my Glimray Family the Most. They have been through all my ups downs in Corporate world. I learned new Ways and new ideas in Digital Marketing and Now it’s time to say goodbye to them!

Guys, Will always be in touch with you! Whenever Glimray Needs me, Am just a call away!



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