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Life is too Short, Live for Yourself

Start now. Live for yourself. Do what you want to do. 

Life is too short to not live for yourself first. Your friends, family and cohorts may or may not accept your the life you want to lead, but doing so is what you must do if you want to be happy or, in other words, if you try to align your happiness with the pleasing of others, you will rarely find a way to make that work.

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Of course, some people won’t understand your choices. They might not want to get them because your choices might offend them or there may be jealousy in them. But such is life. You can’t please everybody. When you follow your heart, you will actively displease them. They’ll be just fine. They are too worried about themselves to worry about you for too long so just let it go and accept it as par for the course. 

Ask yourself: Are you living for others because they think they know what will bring you happiness? 

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Life is completely what you make it. Your perception is what you decide it is. You have the power to see life through a certain lens. If you don’t like what you see, make changes until you do like what you see.

Create life for yourself that is a reflection of what makes you happy and fulfills you. 


Justice For ASIFA

It doesn’t matter if they were Hindus and she a Muslim.

It doesn’t matter if she was raped from a temple or a mosque.

For us what matters is the point that “She Was Raped”

And we need justice for the sake of humanity.

She was just 8 year Old, who had no idea that the society contains, not humans but

Some Satans confined in the body of Humans.

I Love my Country but am not proud of my People, Am not Proud of our government.

Am not proud of political activities.





Journey Comes to an END!

Life Is All about Progressing ahead, Walking ahead and leaving your Past diaries behind!

Achieve Your goals, Establish more!

Here, Comes my journey to an end with One of my Longest Journey with my “Glimray Family”!  It has been a longest Journey of 2 Years!  It All started from 2016 March and its ending too in March (2018).  Its My last Day Here! Am leaving this organisation and Moving ahead with My Career with other Organisation. This wasn’t an easy Decision! I always loved Glimray and there working system, this organisation helped me with lots of new learning. This Glimray organization has a constant reputation of hiring really cool people, and giving the ultimate work environment, along with the required freedom. I always wanted to join the cool gang for years and finally got the chance here!

Yes, I gonna Miss my Glimray Family the Most. They have been through all my ups downs in Corporate world. I learned new Ways and new ideas in Digital Marketing and Now it’s time to say goodbye to them!

Guys, Will always be in touch with you! Whenever Glimray Needs me, Am just a call away!


For the Pretty Women In the world!

A woman is an epitome of beauty, and care.

She climbs the mountains and dived into the ocean; she matches the steps with every man in the world.

She Is wind, She is water, 

She is Snow,  She is Fire, 

She is one of a Kind!

Every Heart, Every Home, 

Every Feeling, Every Moment of Happiness

Is Incomplete Without You!

The One Who completes this world Is YOU! 

Yes, My Dear Pretty And Caring Lady, Happy Womens day To You! 


Sridevi: You will be missed!

As Bollywood mourns the death of Sridevi, known for her colorful portrayals in Bollywood hits like English Vinglish, Mr India and Sadma, the iconic actress leaves behind a rich legacy for her fans.


Although the actress – who died at the age of 54 – is famous worldwide for her roles in Hindi language films, it was in the South Indian film industry that she began her career at the young age of four.

In 1983, Sridevi showed off her dancing skills to the foot tapping tunes of Bollywood hit Himmatwala, in which she starred alongside Jeetendra. She followed that up with one hit after another.

Sridevi, Bollywood’s leading lady of the 1980s and ‘90s who redefined stardom for actresses in India, has died at age 54.

Bollywood’s leading lady of the 1980s and ‘90s who redefined stardom for actresses in India, has died at age 54.Whether it was her performance in 1986’s Nagina or romantic portrayals in movies like Lamhe and Chandni, Sridevi had legitimately established herself as a female superstar.

The doe-eyed beauty remained absent from the screens for several years after she was romantically associated with film producer Boney Kapoor, who at the time was married to his first wife Mona Kapoor.

After her marriage to Boney, the actress took a hiatus of almost seven years to make the mother of all comebacks in 2012’s English Vinglish. Directed by Gauri Shinde, the film centred around the changing life of a housewife who is also an entrepreneur. It saw Sridevi back in the limelight, besides bringing her critical acclaim.

Bollywood actor Sridevi with Boney Kapoor 

Sridevi is survived by her 62-year-old husband and two daughters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. The actress was reportedly attending her nephew Mohit Marwah’s wedding in the UAE, when she died following a cardiac arrest.

Bollywood actor Sridevi and husband Boney Kapoor with daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor

The devastating news has left her family and the Bollywood fraternity heartbroken.

Indian Bollywood actors Sridevi (L), Kamal Haasan (C) and producer Boney Kapoor (R) pose for a picture.

“Have witnessed Sridevi’s life from an adolescent teenager to the magnificent lady she became. Her stardom was well deserved. Many happy moments with her flash through my mind including the last time I met her. Sadma’s lullaby haunts me now. We’ll miss her (sic),” tweeted her long-time co-star Kamal Haasan.

South Indian superstar Rajinikanth mourned her loss, writing, “I’m shocked and very disturbed. I’ve lost a dear friend and the industry has lost a true legend. My heart goes out to her family and friends. I feel the pain with them #RIPSridev … you will be missed.”


Indian film actress Priyanka Chopra and Sridevi




An OPEN Letter To A Friend Who never CARED!

I didn’t realize this until we were no longer friends, but the real truth is you never cared about me at all. All those times when we talked, I never realized it was always about you.

All those times I thought you actually cared about my problems but the truth is you were either not listening or waiting to use the information for your own benefit. You always came to me when you needed help!

You told me things which I wasn’t apart of! The things which were nowhere related to US! The Worst part came when I was being Judged by You! Yes, My Dear, You Judged me for thousand different Reason, which I nowhere care about! But you always had to keep your ears open for the News coming from the Surroundings, those bullists were nowhere belonging to you and neither to me!

I was Surprised As Well as Sad Because early morning Getting up with messages such as I no were interested to talk to you and Mainly I never liked you since the day we met, can definitely make someone’s day Fuckedup! And Surprisingly, after a gap of few months, you try to contact me, definitely with no Phone number of mine in your contact and you get it from third person, whereas that phone call was asusual regarding of some bullist talks of Third person, Now here comes, this time I Wasn’t interested in that story!

Yes, M Sad, I Miss you, But dude I don’t ever wanna See your face or Neither I want to talk about you nor i wanna talk to you! You called just twicely, where you didn’t wanted to solve the problems between us But you wanted to judge me as You nowhere can see my DP and status (New tradition Which means according to her that the person has blocked you) whereas that is nowhere a condition, I haven’t even blocked you from any social site neither your calls. It’s only you who did this With all wrong Stupid Misunderstandings inside your mind! Still would pray to god that you be happy with your Temporary People in your Life!

I wish Once you do read this and Do regret About what wrong things you did to me and I wish you realize it soon! But still I Won’t ever Want you in my life!

Internet Sensation

The Internet Sensational Girl PRIYA P VARRIER

The wrinkling of those Eyebrows.

She Is beautiful with and Without makeup.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and theme of love, a short clip from a Malayalam movie started doing the rounds on the Internet.



All that we liked is the expressions of her.

Everyone would like to play the video again n again 🙂


A cute Video Just showing her Face and Those Moments Between lovers are getting Much Love 🙂