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Why cant I Talk about Bleeding?

Why cant I Talk about Bleeding?

Yes, I Am a Girl, why cant I Talk about Bleeding? I Thought of sharing it with you all. 

In my upbringing, I learnt that periods should happen in secret. But I don’t hesitate to write this. 

Do you mind me talking about this thoughts here?

Between my legs, I feel the pain at that time of the month. It hurts me, it sucks most of the times. 

I think men should know how hard it is to face this pain.  Why should boys have all the fun? 


I am not allowed to enter the Pooja room .

I am not allowed to go to the kitchen. 

I am not allowed to lay down the bed. 

I am not allowed to attend any function. 

I am not allowed to touch the vessels. 

Because there is a belief that I am bleeding and so I am Impure. 

I cant even walk, Because the pain makes me suffer a lot. 

I couldn’t do anything, I cant help my mom to do household work and So i Realized how does she manages to do things. In the name of bleeding, I can escape from this all stuff. She cant escape from her duties which society has allotted her in the name of wife and mother. She has to play all the roles. She is a working women too. There is no option of taking leave from such duties in the name of Menstrual. 

So boys, tell me have you ever thought about the pain of bleeding which your mother, sister , daughter, wife goes through? You would have never because it is not your cup of tea. 

You can blame the nature. Yes its our fate, we cant do anything about it, but you can help us. 

We feel Jealous of boys  because they will never undergo from such pain. 

We are seen as the object of this world. 

But those are not the reasons ashamed for having the body that bleeds. 

My bleeding is not an embarrassment.

My bleeding is not a foul. 

But its Actually Cool. 

Mother Hood Is Priceless <3

Mother Hood Is Priceless <3

This Is Priceless.  Motherhood Is Most beautiful thing to women. 

This is what Mothers go Through… Stretchmarks, Pain, Shapeless body, Flappy Tummy.

Some of us use Push Up Bras to look sexy but when we go to the bathroom, we look towards our naked body and we see the real ME, that we have an ability to reproduce a Human Being.

Women, Please Love your Body, Love your Inner Soul.

Men, Learn to love your wife. You will never understand the pain which a woman goes through during her motherhood days. All that a women needs are love and no cheat towards her love. Some Men don’t even care whether she has eaten or not, whereas some men spend more on their girlfriends abundantly forgetting that they have a nursing wife at home.

Some men even have guts to say that she is not a woman because she gave birth to their child through CS. Whereas the women who go through CS, has taken a lot of pains, she has to deny her food for next 3 days.  She can’t have proper food for a month.

Men, no matter the method of Delivery be, treat your women has Queen.

For a mother and a child to come out ALIVE is by God’s Grace.

Learn to Respect Women. 




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