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Always Stay Strong Beautiful!

Always Stay Strong Beautiful!

Girl, be strong!

Maybe This wasn’t your Time!

Maybe People around you wanted to judge you for every single thing!

Yes, I know it hurts!

You invested a lot towards them, your time, your love.

Now think about yourself!

Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.

Laugh when you can.

Apologize when you should and let go of what you can.

Take chances. Give everything and have no regrets.

Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad.

Smile when you’re sad.

Love what you got and always remember what you had.

Always forgive but never forget.

Learn from your mistakes but never regret.

People change and things go wrong.

But always remember, life goes on.



By somebody I Knew, 

By a Stranger on the Road, 

By a group of men in a bus.


I wrote it and erased it three times: #MeToo, #MeToo, #MeToo.

Why am I hesitating? I feel ashamed in some way.

Maybe because it occurs to me that by being silent all this time, I have somehow been complicit in the harassment inflicted on others.


If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “MeToo” as a status.

We might give people a sense of magnitude of the problem. 


Check Your Sources!

Check Your Sources!

Come Sit Next to me and then ask how I Feel 

Don’t just write Whats up and expect me to reveal. 

I don’t do small talks, soul to soul is my way

I bare my heart out, I don’t like games they play.  

If you say that you care, then stay till I am Fine

Read my whole book, Not just a chapter or line. 

I don’t let too many people, sit pretty to my heart

But when I make you Guest, Please play your Part. 


Friendship That Can be Unhealthy.

Friendship That Can be Unhealthy.

When you’ve outgrown your clothes, you toss them. But what about your friends?

Every person has at least one or two buddies that, sooner or later, will go the way of the cargo shorts. It’s time to move on.

And that’s okay. While research has shown that positive relationships both improve your health and extend your life, negative relationships have just the opposite effect. Simply stressful or frustrating friendships can be unhealthy.  

So how do you know when it’s time to throw out a friendship? Here are the nine types of friends you might have to dump—and how to let them down easy.


Hes about one thing and one thing only: getting laid.

You loved having him around during your single years, but he’s still gunning for new “conquests” every weekend, and your wife thinks he’s an ass. 

Keep or cut: “Your friend isn’t a bad guy. He’s simply at a different phase of life than you are,” says Irene Levine.



He watches every game—pro or college—in all four major sports . . . plus soccer.

You’re still passionate about sports, and you enjoy catching the big games, but you’d rather spend the majority of your free time with your partner and kids.

Keep or cut: Meet up every so often to watch a game together. As far as his constant stream of sports-related emails, calls, and texts, Levine recommends ignoring them. He’ll get the message.

If that doesn’t work? Let him go. 


He’s a nice guy, but he just can’t seem to find the right person. He also feels the need to talk to you about it constantly.

You feel bad that you havent successfully set him up, but after endless introductions and nights spent as a wing man, theres only so much you can do.

Keep or cut: Forget subtlety. Tell your friend that life is about more than landing the right woman, and he needs to find some other hobbies in order to be appealing to another person.


He’s a great friend, and everybody loves him. He’s charismatic and charming, and he’s with a fantastic, funny woman. Your girlfriend gets along great with his partner, but there’s one small problem: He’s a shameless, habitual two-timer.

You’ve seen him cheat on his girl—or at least try to—every time you’re out on the town without your partners, and you know one of these days he’s going to get you in a lot of trouble. (Men arent the only ones who are unfaithful. 

Keep or cut: If you don’t stop hanging out with this guy, you’re going to pay the price.  Even if you’re not with him when he cheats, you’ll be smeared by association, he adds.


You’ve known this guy since high school, and most of the time it feels like he’s still back there. He constantly references funny stuff that happened to you “that one time sophomore year,” or “when you asked that older guy to buy you beer.”

Keep or cut: “Don’t let him drag his past into your present”. You’re either moving forward or falling behind, he says.

“Friendships can’t be sustained only on old memories,” 

“If you like him, plan some new adventures together.”

Why cant I Talk about Bleeding?

Why cant I Talk about Bleeding?

Yes, I Am a Girl, why cant I Talk about Bleeding? I Thought of sharing it with you all. 

In my upbringing, I learnt that periods should happen in secret. But I don’t hesitate to write this. 

Do you mind me talking about this thoughts here?

Between my legs, I feel the pain at that time of the month. It hurts me, it sucks most of the times. 

I think men should know how hard it is to face this pain.  Why should boys have all the fun? 


I am not allowed to enter the Pooja room .

I am not allowed to go to the kitchen. 

I am not allowed to lay down the bed. 

I am not allowed to attend any function. 

I am not allowed to touch the vessels. 

Because there is a belief that I am bleeding and so I am Impure. 

I cant even walk, Because the pain makes me suffer a lot. 

I couldn’t do anything, I cant help my mom to do household work and So i Realized how does she manages to do things. In the name of bleeding, I can escape from this all stuff. She cant escape from her duties which society has allotted her in the name of wife and mother. She has to play all the roles. She is a working women too. There is no option of taking leave from such duties in the name of Menstrual. 

So boys, tell me have you ever thought about the pain of bleeding which your mother, sister , daughter, wife goes through? You would have never because it is not your cup of tea. 

You can blame the nature. Yes its our fate, we cant do anything about it, but you can help us. 

We feel Jealous of boys  because they will never undergo from such pain. 

We are seen as the object of this world. 

But those are not the reasons ashamed for having the body that bleeds. 

My bleeding is not an embarrassment.

My bleeding is not a foul. 

But its Actually Cool. 

Stop feeding your mind

Stop feeding your mind


Stop Feeding your mind with phases like,

“No expectations, No Disappointments”

“Don’t Fall in love again”

“Nothing lasts forever”.

Because My Love, 

Before you fall in love again, You will have expectations because you love!

You will give too much because of love.

So its unrealistic and false hope we give to ourselves just because we are hurt. 

Instead, We need to learn to move out of such love because when it doesn’t last, don’t fall because you fall lonely, don’t give much of loosing yourself. 

We are all humans living and craving for human attention, we can’t do without it. 

So don’t let your temporary period decide your future. 


Believe in you!

Believe in you!

He said, “You cant”.
But I Say, “I Can”!

He said, “You will never be”,
I Say, “I am Already”!


My dear Beautiful Strong Lady,
Its not about what the wrong man says you!

Its about what you choose to believe!


Believe that you are beautiful!
Believe that you are strong