Because in our Indian society, since childhood

  • boys are allowed to do what they want but girls are not even not allowed to study.
  • They are taught that they can do anything they want but girls can’t but the reality is that girls are leading in various sectors.
  • Everyone is taught that in indian society is male dominating society but it is not.
  • Boys are taught that girls are weak and they can treat them however they like.
  • People in India worship goddess like KALI, DURGA, GANGA etc but they don’t worship in reality. They see them as a material which is used and thrown away.
  • Boys can go anywhere with their friends or girlfriends but girls are not allowed as this will ruin family reputation.
  • When a rape is there, everyone blame girls for being outside home till late night and her dress but no one will say a word to boys that what they did was wrong.
  • Mentality of people is so bad that they judge a girl by her cloths, her friends. If a girl is with 4–5 friend(boys) she will be seen as a slut. But if a boy is with many girls he will be a stud.
  • None of family member teach their boy child to respect girl. They don’t teach them that they too have a sister who is a girl.
  • New generation is so obsessed with drinking, smoking and sex that they don’t even think about anybody’s life. They give importance to materialistic things, not to their life and family.
  • Everyone is adopting western culture but they are not adopting the broad minded thinking that western people have.

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It takes courage to take your stand when someone is blaming you wrongly.

It takes you a feeling that it’s okay to be frowned, beaten, or looked down upon but not being blamed wrongly.

It’s not that always someone’s blaming the woman.

Sometimes some idiot bigwig even takes sides with the actual proven rapists saying “Ladke hai.. Galti Ho jati hai inse”..


How can we expect Her to speak out then!
And until she speaks her side, she’d remain an easy victim.. 😦

Her Love <3


Her love is overwhelming,
Terrifying, even

She knows things, people,
Feels them to her marrow

Her love wraps around them,
Folding upon itself within her,
Taking up so much space inside,
She sometimes feel as though
She needs to hide from it,
That life and love ask
Far too much of her

Sometimes, the love is so tight inside,
She isn’t sure she can endure it,
So she tries to find a way to escape it,
Just for a while

But the things she needs
To do for herself,
In order to rest her heart and mind,
Hurt the people she loves

Her survival sometimes means
Hurting the people she loves,
Not because she doesn’t love them

But because she loves them too much.

Teens Life

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”
― Albert Einstein

The Grown Up Ones had already gone from this phrase so called as ” Teenage Life”. Teenagers Lead with Many such problems in their Life as In Emotionally High And Low. They  Go through multiple distractions in their life. At such point of time they expect Adults to be in their own world and shouldn’t interfere in their child’s life.

Their life is changing to a new Phrase And a new journey. They undergo stress, Emotionally low. Their Mood swings each new second as they have changes in their Hormones. They think that they are capable to handle their life journey on their own without any help and guidance of adults.  At one point of time they feel they are happy with their new Life-Zone.

Reviewed some Poll results which teenagers Goes through: As a teen, what issue about your mental health most concerns you?

Response – Count, Percent
Depression/loneliness – 324, 34.2%
Transition into middle school – 8, 0.8%
Transition into high school – 26, 2.7%
Transition into college – 27, 2.8%
Transition to adulthood – 43, 4.5%
Academic stress – 114, 12.0%
Violent relationships and/or bullying – 38, 4.0%
Home environment – 27, 2.8%
Character development – 63, 6.6%
Developing a strong, healthy work ethic – 26, 2.7%
Sexual risk taking – 79, 8.3%
Developing healthy relationships – 106, 11.2%
Managing emotions – 10, 1.1%
Eating or physical activity habits – 1, 0.1%
Self-acceptance – 5, 0.5%
Other – 51, 5.4%

Teenagers goes into multiple problems in their life, whereas their is an misunderstanding between adults that they are irritating with their new behavior changes or they have started been rude. Its just that their should be a mutual understanding between adults and teenagers in such phrase.

“No adolescent ever wants to be understood, which is why they complain about being misunderstood all the time.”  -Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot