Stop feeding your mind

Stop feeding your mind


Stop Feeding your mind with phases like,

“No expectations, No Disappointments”

“Don’t Fall in love again”

“Nothing lasts forever”.

Because My Love, 

Before you fall in love again, You will have expectations because you love!

You will give too much because of love.

So its unrealistic and false hope we give to ourselves just because we are hurt. 

Instead, We need to learn to move out of such love because when it doesn’t last, don’t fall because you fall lonely, don’t give much of loosing yourself. 

We are all humans living and craving for human attention, we can’t do without it. 

So don’t let your temporary period decide your future. 


Believe in you!

Believe in you!

He said, “You cant”.
But I Say, “I Can”!

He said, “You will never be”,
I Say, “I am Already”!


My dear Beautiful Strong Lady,
Its not about what the wrong man says you!

Its about what you choose to believe!


Believe that you are beautiful!
Believe that you are strong

Every Scar i have, Made me what i am Today!

Every Scar i have, Made me what i am Today!

I know you want me to change few things. 

But, I Cant be your perfect person. 

I have my own flaws, my bad habits, my scars, but they are part of me!


If I lose all of that, then what will remain of me?

Life is too Short to waste on being perfect. 

So Stay only if you can hug my Flaws!!

I Too Have A Life!

I Too Have A Life!

I Too Eat!

I Too Sleep!

I Breathe The Same Air!

I Too Talk!

I Too Walk!

Even My Heart Beats!

I Too Smile!

I Too Weep!

My Scars To Bleed!


I Too Want To Try!

I Too Want To Fly!

I Too Stave For Opportunity!

God Made Him!

God Made Her!

The Same God Made Me!



At-least Consider Me As A HUMAN

Before You Sleep With Her!

Before You Sleep With Her!

Before you sleep with her….

You finally got her!
Now she is in your bed.

You help her remove her

You have removed your cloth too.

See her curves.

Wow now, you are so hard, and she is
horny too, hey before you sex her, kindly ask
yourself about these 10 things; .

1#. Do you really love her? Yes, I know you like
her buttocks… I know she has big breasts or you
just enjoy rubbing those breasts… I know you like
the way she talks. But do you really love the
person she is?

2#. After sleeping with her, what next? Will you
still love that breasts? Will you still love her

3#. What if she gets pregnant? Will she face the
world alone or will you stand by her? Are you
ready to stand as a man and say yes! I am
responsible? We both did it, it is our Baby! Or will
you look for excuses?

4#. If she calls to tell you that she is pregnant,
will you tell her to abort it and risk her life or will
you tell her to keep the baby?

5#. Very important, if she gives birth, can you
take care of the baby? Can you meet the
emotional, mental, psychological and financial

6#. Is she someone you can marry or someone
you just want to sleep with? Imagine if this was
your sister with someone else

7#. If she is good enough for you to sleep with,
why can’t she be good enough to be your wife?

8#. Why can’t you marry her as your wife and
then enjoy all after?

9#. If you sleep with her and leave her. Think
about how sad it will be… Think about the pains
and the sorrows. Imagine if this is done
to your child! .

10# Think about tomorrow. Don’t just think
about today I know you just want to do it! your
hormones are up. .

=> What will happen when
your hormones are down ?????


This Just a piece of Advice for the youth, think or
ask yourself this question before you take the
next step.

Change For Better Me!

Change For Better Me!

If You don’t Like Piercing, Don’t do It!

If You Don’t Like tattoos, Don’t Get any!


If You Don’t Agree With Abortion, Don’t Get One!

If You Don’t Like Something, Don’t Do It!



I Talk About Him

I Talk About Him

I Talk About Him, Because am Proud Of Him. 

I Talk about Him, Because he Deserves to be Remembered. 

I Talk about him, Because even though He is Not Physically with me, he is never far away from my Mind. 

I Talk About him, Because He is a Part Of Me, A Part that i could never ignore or Disown. 

I Talk About Him Because I Still Love Him and I Will always Love Him.